Bead Pattern Creator
Create bead pixel designs


Make bead patterns from any imagesConvert to Beads
Converts images into bead sprite patterns showing you exactly where to put each color. The color palette can be selected from any combination of Hama, Perler or Nabbi.
Remember where each piece goes for complex or 3D spritesShowcase Your Work
Take snapshots to easily organise sprites. Ideal for small pieces which you make often, to catalog variations in techniques.
Zoom in on fine detail for large piecesZoom and Pan
Move around the fine details of large sprites to see exactly which beads to place where.
Print physical paper copies of bead patternsPrint to Paper
Prefer paper? Print out sprite designs with a legend to show colors.
Search and organize your sprite art patternsSearch and Filter
Have a lot of patterns to organize? No problem, search on bead/color count, dimensions and more.
Use a custom color paletteCustom Palettes
No one has every color, select only the colors you have to reduce errors in guessing, or add your own colors for beads from other suppliers.
Overlay of pegboardsBoard Overlay
Working with sprites spanning multiple boards can be difficult. Toggle peg board overlays to easily see where each part ends.

BeadForge 1.3

  • Posted on:  March 15, 2014

A bug fix and a bit more meta data on the current sprite are packed into this release. Changes in BeadForge 1.3

  • Added Actual sprite sizes to 'Information' tab.
  • Fixed Color names in the palette color picker.

BeadForge 1.2

  • Posted on:  August 24, 2013

It's now possible to overlay the peg board onto a sprite, so you can line up big designs more easily.

Changes in BeadForge 1.2
  • Added Custom grid overlays to show peg board placement.
  • Changed A count of each color is now shown in the palette.

BeadForge 1.1

  • Posted on:  August 11, 2013

Version 1.1 fixes a couple of small bugs and adds a few more features.

Changes in BeadForge 1.1
  • Added Printing support.
  • Added Support for custom color palettes.
  • Added Constrain proportions option when adding/editing a sprite.
  • Added Previews when importing and exporting.
  • Changed The application will now display a friendly bug report screen in case of unexpected crashes.

BeadForge 1.0 Beta

  • Posted on:  July 28, 2013

BeadForge 1.0 is ready for download. Main features in this release are:

  • Converting of images into sprites.
  • Organizing sprite and searching by name, bead count or size.
  • Storing of snapshots for sprites.

This release should be considered a beta, but bug reports and feature suggestions are gladly appreciated.